Frequently Asked Questions

Simply contact the lister within 24 hours and return the item at no cost to you.

Nothing! We only charge a 20% fee when you sell or rent an item. It’s just to ensure that the Model Citizen platform is working for you!

We are based in The Big Apple – NYC! However, we will be expanding soon. Send us an e-mail if you would like us to come to your city!

As a lister, you must dry clean items before renting them out. As a renter, you must return the item dry cleaned. Check out our list of dry cleaner partners to see if there’s a Model Citizen approved dry cleaner in your neighborhood.

Any garment being lent out or rented or sold requires dry cleaning. However, handbags, belts, jewelry, and other accessories do not. Therefore, these items are face-to-face pick up and drop off only. Get ready to meet your fellow Model Citizens!

Our monogram at the corner of a photo means its Model Citizen approved. This means that we can verify the pieces' authenticity and condition. On Instagram, it means our staff member snapped the streetstyle pic themselves. You can get your pieces verified by bringing them to one of our monthly style shares or contacting!

Accountability. When you lend or rent with Model Citizen, you and the items are protected by our insurance policy. There’s no way of guaranteeing payment or care of your item if you choose to do business outside of the platform. We take the worry out of the equation.

Things happen! That's why we have an insurance policy.